Group Leader

Michèle Heurs

Secretarial assistants

Kirstin Tews

Post-doctoral researcher

We are currently looking for qualified post docs. In case you are interested in our field of research, please contact us here.

PhD Students

Jonas Junker

Bernd Schulte

Bernd Schulte

Dennis Wilken

Jakob Schweer

Mariia Matiushechkna

Roman Kossak

Nived Johny

Master Students

Manuel Schimanski

Bachelor Students

Honorary Associates



Stefan Danilishin , former theory group leader. Now Associate Professor of Physics at Maastricht University.

Daniel Steinmeyer , former PhD student

Stina Scheer , former Master student. Now PhD student studying Physikdidaktik at LUH.

Elisabeth von Känel , former Master student. Now at VGH.

Maximilian Wimmer , former PhD student. Now at TEM Messtechnik

Hendrik Weißbrich

Hendrik Weißbrich, former Master student

Timo Denker, former PhD student now at IAV automotive engineering

Dirk Schütte, former PhD student now at IAV automotive engineering

Kai Karvinen, former postdoc now at Baker Hughes

Vedangi Pathak, former Master student. Now PhD student at the University of British Columbia


Stefanie Rathe, former Master student now at Continental

Margot Hensler Hennig, former Post-Doc. Now in Maastricht.

Orsolya  Prágay-Szabó, currently on maternity leave

Frauke Berger, former Bachelor student

Tim Bartelsmeier, former bachelor student