Daniel Steinmeyer


Former PhD student


Daniel completed his PhD in 2019. After having written his Master’s thesis in the group, Daniel joined as a PhD student in autumn 2014. His thesis concentrated on studies regarding all-optical coherent quantum noise cancellation (CQNC). Coherent quantum noise cancellation aims at reducing radiation pressure noise by means of a negative-mass oscillator which cancels the effects of the (positive-mass) harmonic oscillator under test. That way, position measurements of this harmonic oscillator, which is an opto-mechanical device such as a suspended mirror, can be made better, even improved below the Standard Quantum Limit.

All-optically, the negative-mass oscillator realising CQNC consists of a detuned optical cavity which is coupled to the light field coming from the harmonic oscillator via a non-linear crystal and a beam-splitter-like interaction. The interactions and the cavity need to have certain characteristics in order to reduce radiation pressure noise.

Main research interests are studying the set-up intended to realise the negative-mass oscillator and experimentally verifying that the required characteristics are actually met.