Margot Hensler Hennig

Post-doctoral researcher

Margot joined our group as a post-doctoral researcher in April 2018. Prior to this, Margot began her work in gravitational waves as an optical engineer for the Advanced LIGO project at the California Institute of Technology, from 2009-2014. Then she went on to complete her PhD at the University of Glasgow on the topic of technology development for future ground-based gravitational wave detectors, her thesis can be found here:
“Of the ten years I have spent in the field of gravitational wave research, the first five were spent at Caltech working on the Advanced LIGO project as an optical engineer. Then in 2014 I accepted a PhD position in technology development for advanced detectors, at the Institute of Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow. Following the completion of my PhD in 2018 I became a part of the Heurs group as a post-doctoral researcher. Here my work includes leading the implementation and integration of optical subsystems at cryogenic temperatures for CQNC experiments, based in the group’s  lab in the brand new HiTec building”