Bernd Schulte

Bernd Schulte PhD student

Callinstr. 38, room 18

+49 511 762-17025

​Bernd finished his Master thesis within the Quantum Control group, in collaboration with Prof. Bergmann from BIAS Bremen at the end of 2015. Within the scope of his master thesis project Bernd worked on the quantitative characterization of the movement a triple-pendulum suspended test mass in three coupled degrees of freedom (longitudinal, pitch and yaw) and also worked on the characterization of photonics crystal membranes for novel interferometer topologies.
In March 2016 Bernd commenced his PhD work in our group. During his PhD he will continue the investigation of photonic crystal membranes and novel interferometer topologies. This investigation includes the experimental characterization of photonic crystals. For this purpose he will build several test-stands for different interferometer topologies.
For these topologies he will make theoretical calculations which could lead to an experiment in in that photonic crystal membranes will be used to observe different opto-mechanical coupling regime. Also part of these calculations is to determine how design and environmental parameters of photonic crystal membranes will change their properties and thus the interferometer dynamics.