Jonas Junker

PhD student

Callinstr. 38, room 17

+49 511 762-17073

Jonas joined the group as PhD student in December 2016. He wrote his master thesis in the group led by Prof. Benno Willke and built a laser power stabilization for the AEI 10m Prototype. He published the results of his thesis in Optics Letters. [Jonas Junker, Patrick Oppermann, and Benno Willke, Opt. Lett. 42, 755-758 (2017)]

Jonas focuses on the generation of high frequency squeezed states of light with sub-threshold optic parametric oscillators (OPOs). He works together with Dennis on a new experimental demonstration: The idea is to firstly use squeezed states at the first free spectral range of the OPO cavity and to obtain high-precision phase measurements in a spectroscopy experiment. The benefit of this new method is to circumvent technical noise sources and surpass shot noise for low frequency signals. A first measurement showing the fundamental feasibility has already been done. Currently, Jonas and Dennis work on finalizing the project by repeating the final measurement with new high quantum efficiency photodiodes. Jonas is already writing on a possible publication of the results.

After this project Jonas wants to help Dennis in discovering the entanglement character of squeezed light fields. Depending on the parameter in which the photons are entangled, the readout and usage can be quite different. Polarization entangled states can be spatially separated quite simple in contrast to frequency polarized photons where the scalability is larger.

Jonas is also interested in Coherent Quantum Noise Cancellation (CQNC). For the realization of this project several parts need to be considered. Jonas will continue working with the new potential experimental schematic for CQNC adapted form Daniel. He wants to investigate and fully understand the two-mode squeezer and finalize the proposed schematic including coupled cavity system and nonlinear crystal for the squeezing process.