Nived Johny

PhD Student

Callinstr. 36, room 125

+49 511 762-14752

Nived Johny, commonly referred to as Johny, joined the group in October 2020. He did his internship and also worked in the Space Interferometry group for the LISA project. His Master thesis was on the theory side of ‘optical pulse compression using a nonlinear cascaded waveguide’ under the supervision of apl. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Demircan at the Institute of Quantum Optics. He had previously also worked for PhoenixD and Quantum Frontiers. 

His future research would be in the direction of investigating for novel micro optomechanical resonators for sub-SQL interferometry.   Currently, during the first few months of his Ph.D. he was learning from the experinced Ph.D students about single mode (Dennis) and two mode optical squeezers (Jonas), cavity optomechanics (Bernd), etc . Meanwhile, he is also looking into gaining some general research tools such as designing electronics, automating using LabView, BenchVue, etc. In the immediate future, he plans to work on an active laser power stabilization scheme and to rework on some RF photodetectors.